Helmuth Country Bakery was founded by Eli and Katie Helmuth in 1980. Today it continues to be a family owned business operated by the Abner Schmucker family.​​

God led us to this place.

We don't consider our story to be particularly amazing. We do believe that God led us to this place. Our story started with a desire to see our children grow up to be upright, God fearing men and women. One of the ways we thought we could help make that happen was to have our own business in which they could work alongside us. We started praying for an opportunity and quite a while later a friend told us about a bakery that was for sale. We had prayed for a business that was well established and one that children could help with. This opportunity seemed to be a good fit. We are excited about the future possibilities but also realize that our main priority right now is helping our children mature.